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We believe everyone is an individual and as unique as a fingerprint, from their age, dating and relationship experiences, whether single, married to being divorced, widowed, living in a city or more rural community, so our approach is also equally unique. We liken our service to a personally tailored bespoke garment, hand crafted from the beginning, where every stitch, to the very last detail is unique to you, and you only. 

In contrast, a one size fits all "data base" membership service, is similar to choosing an off the peg garment that everyone can buy, it is not only one of many, but there is no consideration for your personal preferences, it can be worn by anyone, in fact, off the peg means you are just one of the 100's of recipients  to own the exact same item.

Our bespoke service is an entirely personalized experience -by its very nature, that is what bespoke means - we provide a custom tailored service from onset to conclusion, where your lifestyle, partner and relationship goals are designed entirely around you, so each introduction brought forward is based on your own personal circumstances, lifestyle and future hopes. Your personal search and introductions are for you, they are not part of a production line of dates circulated over and over again.

With our service you are receiving something explicitly tailored to you. And because of that, it's as unique as you are!


We are a privately owned introduction agency, operated solely by the owner Jill Rhodes Harvey. We provide bespoke, specialist matchmaking services for relationship focused men and women aged 40 and over, who have passed the casual dating stage, who require a secure, private and personal matchmaking service.

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