How we work..

We believe everyone is different, from age, dating and relationship experiences, whether single, divorced or widowed, to whether you live in a city or more county based, so we take all these factors into consideration to provide a service tailored to you. We equate our our service to a personally tailored bespoke garment, everything is hand crafted from the beginning, where every stitch, to the very last detail is unique to you, and you only. 

In contrast, the one size fits all "data base" membership service, is similar to choosing an off the peg item or service that anyone purchasing, is purchasing the same as everyone else, there is no consideration for personal preferences or those tweaks that make it personal to you, in fact, off the peg means you are one of the 100's of recipients of the same item or service.

Our bespoke service is an entirely personalized experience - by its very nature, that is bespoke. Your private search is designed entirely around you, based upon the FIVE CORE elements considered in the psychology of relationships, to provide the most compatible foundations for a long-term relationship and commitment. Including: a similar family background, education level, core values, lifestyle similarity and relationship goal. 

Your search and introductions are for you, they are not part of a production line of dates circulated to others..
With our service you are receiving something explicitly tailored to you. 


A privately owned introduction agency, operated solely by the owner Jill Rhodes Harvey. We provide bespoke, specialist matchmaking services for successful and affluent single professionals aged 40 plus covering London and the Home Counties.  



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