How we work and our approach to finding life partners

As a private commissioned search, our approach to finding potential partners offers a real alternative to the decades of production line dating services. We are a specialist niche service for refined and educated men and women between 40 and 80. Our goal is to find life or marriage partners for our clients, matching precisely to our clients relationship goal by two-way matching. Our service is not mainstream, nor does it profess to be, therefore we only work with a limited number of clients to provide the one-to-one personal attention and level of work a private search service requires. 


We're an exclusive matchmaking service for those who are ready to meet like minded people, who prefer a more select and discreet path, where commitment, serious relationships or marriage are not taboo subjects. We provide structured search periods, where we do all we can to help our clients 'ideally' achieve their relationship goal through the service.

So unlike dating services, that concentrate on dating, dates and pre-set numbers, we concentrate on reaching and guaranteeing partner and relationship goal criteria. Finding partners as we move through our 40's and beyond, is different to our twenties, so we take into account many elements, such as a clients age, whether male or female, dating and relationship history, family background, if single, divorced, widowed to whether city or county based, and of course personal criteria. This creates a unique and individual approach, distinctive to each client.

Our matchmaking method is based purely on a tailored and comprehensive search, where every last detail is unique to you, and you only. Our Partner Match guarantee, guarantees to reach at least 80% of all criteria before presenting an introduction. Our service is designed to be highly targeted and pro-active in finding potential partners and not just dates.

If you have any questions, please get in touch we're here to help.  Jill aims to reply within 24 hours. Thank you.

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