Q. Why commission a Private Search? 

Engaging a private "Commissioned Search" is similar to commissioning a bespoke tailored garment, it designed explicitly around the client and their requirements, and never is more true of a private commissioned search.  Matches and then introductions who are pooled to the clients criteria and relationship goal, are for that client, and that client only. Therefore introductions are with those specifically interested and attracted to that client, and they have to reach at least 80% of what the client is seeking. 

Q. Why Would I choose Rhodes Harvey Introductions?

Because our service is truly 100% bespoke and not an off the peg service where clients become part of a production line of random dates, circulated over and over again. We search to a clients partner criteria and relationship goal to two way match with people who mirror what our client seeks. If marriage is sought by a client , this will be stated in searches so those also seeking marriage will be attracted. It also eliminates responses from people who are not seeking marriage. 

Q.What Is the Difference Between a Dating Agency and You?

Dating agencies concentrate on dating, finding dates, even the exclusive dating agencies concentrate on dating and always refer to "dates" as the goal. We focus solely on relationships, finding life or marriage partners where the goal is to find clients matches with real potential in the shortest time possible, opposed to being kept in a data-base for sometimes a year or longer..

Q. What are the five core elements you match to?

In addition to a clients criteria, when two-way matching we incorporate the five core elements; a similar socio-economic family background, core values, education level, financial stability and relationship goal.

Q. Do You Accept Everyone Who Wants to Become a Client?

No, Jill only works with clients she feels she can do the most for. We will not accept a client just to take a fee. Jill does not use hard sell tactics to get people on board, she would rather lose or turn down a potential client to maintain the integrity of the service.

Q. What Are the Benefits of a Private Search Service?

Simply; it's proactive, structured and designed specifically around the client. We search for partners via advertising discretely in HIGH PROFILE publications read by certain sectors of our society, so it is very specific to the client. We are not for everyone, and nor aim to be, but it is a service suited to individuals who probably avoid anything mainstream, as a private search, is as far from the. mainstream as you will find. 

Q. Is it correct that Jill Rhodes Harvey, the owner works with every client? 


Yes, every client will only work with Jill Rhodes Harvey. Rhodes Harvey Introductions is not large company, and nor wants to be, it's a personal and private service that provides a time honoured, old fashioned level of attention second to none. Many agencies, charge a client differently if the client wants the owner to work with them. Sara Eden's top level founder membership is from £25,000. Rhodes Harvey introductions fees include the owner handling all aspects of the service from beginning to end. Therefore for this reason, we only work with a limited number of clients at any one time to provide the level of one-to-one attention and the work involved for a private search. 

Q. How do your fees compare to similar services?

Our fees compare extremely well. Berkeley International FROM:£12,000 County Register FROM:£10,000, Seventy Thirty: £18,000 to £58,000. 

Q. I've Met Someone I Want to Explore a Relationship With?

Great, hopefully through us, but if not, just put your searches on hold whilst you explore further, and let us know if and when you want to re-start them.

Q.Do You Accept Divorced or Widowed People? 

Yes, as we're specifically for the over 40's, it is likely people may have been married or in long term relationship before. However, if divorced or widowed, we prefer at least a 12 month gap to ensure most of the emotional aspects have been worked through. 

Q. How soon will I be introduced to someone?

As stated, we are a bespoke service from onset to conclusion, so not an off the peg service, therefore there is much ground work in the initial stages to eventually pool matches to your specifics. Including designing searches, gaining good photographs, creating a profile, applying for advertising space in high-end publications and journals of AB1 demographics, waiting for responses, sifting through responses, replying to meeting and vetting potential introductions. This is not an exhaustive list, merely an outline of the work involved. From the beginning it can take 8-12 weeks, but again, these matches have been pooled for you and you alone, they are not for other clients. 

Q.Will I Definitely Find a Life Partner through you?

We would love to say yes, but with all the will in the world, finding a life partner is down to many complex factors, mostly how two people actually connect, chemistry, and by no means just producing potential partners for a client. People are complex, so regardless of matching to our 80% guarantee, we cannot provide relationship guarantees.  

Q. I have a friend/family member interested in hiring an agency can I speak to you on their behalf? 

No this is a confidential personal service and that would not adhere to data-protection. We only communicate with the person we would be working for. 

Q. What is the PARTNER MATCH Guarantee? 

We are proudly the only UK introduction agency to provide a partner match guarantee based on a clients partner criteria and relationship goal. Our Partner Match™ guarantee includes, a similar socio-economic family background, education level, core values, financial stability and the same relationship goal which we vet before matching. We guarantee to reach at least 80% of all criteria, ensuring clients receive the most compatible matches. 


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