Meet Lifestyle Equals

Q. Why commission a Private Search? 

Engaging a "Commissioned Search" is a structured way of increasing real relationship opportunities with lifestyle equals, as searches are designed around your own criteria and relationship goal, in addition to this, you are working with one person, guaranteeing continuity throughout with a more personal and intimate feel to the process. Jill the owner takes personal responsibility for all work involved in searches, she also screens, meets and vets introductions and asks questions on relationship and dating history, family background, sibling relationships, to help discover relationship patterns, emotional openness to the longest relationship held, plus much more.

Q. Why Would I choose Rhodes Harvey Introductions?

Because our service is truly 100% bespoke and not an off the peg service where clients become part of a circulation process, we custom tailor a clients search solely to each clients requirements, including the clients ultimate relationship goal to two way match, we also include many key elements, from interests, lifestyle, personality/character and anything else vital to the client.

MARRIAGE: If marriage is sought by a client as their ultimate relationship goal, this must be stated in searches so those also seeking marriage will be attracted. It also eliminates responses from people who are not seeking marriage. Dating agencies don't do this, they are "dating services" and often try to attract men to join for free to meet female members, and not all men through this method are looking for marriage or even a relationship. Dating agencies provide dates where you are expected to determine what the other persons relationship goal is. 

Q.What Is the Difference Between You and a Dating Agency?

Dating agencies are for dating, even the exclusive dating agencies concentrate on dating. So confident on this, I invite you to click on any high-end introduction agency/matchmaking service whether here in the UK or internationally, and 99% focus their services on dating, long memberships and pre-set numbers. We focus solely on relationships, where the goal is to find clients quality matches with real potential in the shortest time possible.

Q. How do you attract new clients?

As we're not a data-base service and do not depend on numbers to fill a data-base, but a commissioned search service, our approach is totally different. Therefore, predominantly new clients are through word of mouth from previous successes, or on occasions through the search engines leading people to our website.

Q. Do You Accept Everyone Who Wants to Become a Client?

No, Jill only works with clients she feels she can do the most for. We will not accept a client just to take a fee. Jill does not use hard sell tactics, will not mislead with sales gloss to get people on board, she would rather lose or turn down a potential client to maintain the integrity of the service.

Q. What Are the Benefits of a Private Search Service?

Simply; it's proactive opposed to reactive, where we search for partners via advertising discretely who match/mirror what our clients seek, so it is very specific based. We are not mainstream, and do not pretend to be, we are not for everyone, and nor aim to be. We don't force fit two people together from a data-base to reach a pre-set number, our benchmark is the criteria and relationship goal sought. Clients meet people who are specifically interested in them, through responses to their searches.  

Q. Do you provide FREE INTRODUCTIONS to people who contact the agency?

NO DEFINITELY NOT: Almost all London introduction agencies do, even the high-end one's. They tend to mainly recruit males to meet their female members if short on full members. Recruiting this way often means the men are looking for lots of dates opposed to a relationship and will use more than one agency for this purpose. 

Q. What is the PARTNER MATCH Guarantee? 

We are the only UK introductions agency to provide a partner match guarantee based on a clients partner criteria and relationship goal. Our Partner Match™ guarantee includes, a similar socio-economic family background, education level, core values, lifestyle and financial stability and the same relationship goal which we check before matching. We guarantee to reach at least 80% of all criteria, ensuring clients receive the most compatible matches. 

Q. Do all clients work with the owner, Jill Rhodes Harvey, and why is this, as other agencies seem to have several matchmakers?


Yes, every client as stated will only work with Jill Rhodes Harvey. Rhodes Harvey Introductions is not large company, and nor was it ever intended to be. This was never the vision of the owner, her vision was small, intimate and discreet with an emphasis personal service and quality. Jill wanted to create a real alternative to the " off the peg, one size fits all" services which are everywhere. Jill is passionate about her work, high standards and providing one to one attention for all clients. Many agencies, charge a client differently if the clients wants the owner to owner work with them. Sara Eden's top level founder membership is from £25,000. Rhodes Harvey introductions fees include Jill handling all aspects of your search from beginning to end. Therefore for this reason, Jill can only work with a limited number of clients at any one time to provide the level of one-to-one attention and for the work involved, as each clients partner search is designed from scratch, matches have to be brought forward, they are unique to each client. This is an intimate boutique style service with high quality introductions through a commissioned private partner search.


Q. I've Met Someone I Want to Explore a Relationship With?

Great, hopefully through us, but if not, just put your searches on hold whilst you explore further, and let us know if and when you want to re-start them.  

Q. How do your fees compare to similar services?

Our fees compare extremely well. Berkeley International FROM:£12,000 County Register FROM:£10,000, Seventy Thirty: £18,000 to £58,000. Sara Eden's Top level "founder membership" FROM £25,000. 

Q.Do You Ever Accept People who just want to Date?

No we don't, we only work with people who have a firm relationship goal. Internet dating and dating apps are great for people in-between relationships, but this is not us


Q.Do You Accept Divorced or Widowed People? 

Yes, if divorced or widowed, we prefer for people to be divorced or widowed for at least 12 months minimum to ensure most of the emotional aspects have been worked through. However, we will always take into account individual situations. 

Q. How soon will I be introduced to someone?

From the time we are commissioned, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks max to set everything in motion. PLEASE NOTE: this service is specifically designed around you, it is bespoke in every way. Initial set-up, designing searches, your profile, applying for advertising space in high-end publications and journals of AB1 demographics, waiting for responses, sifting through responses replying, meeting and vetting potential introductions. It is a intense work period. If matches REACH the minimum 80% guaranteed match criteria, we then proceed to present a profile to you. From the very beginning it can take 8-12 weeks, dependent on your own personal criteria, age, where you live to whether your male or female. Jill is always honest about this stage and does not use sales gloss to get you on board.

Q.Will I Definitely Find a Life Partner?

We would love to say yes, but that would be unprofessional, as with all the will in the world, finding a life partner is down to many complex factors, and not just producing potential partners for a client. People are complex beings, so regardless of matching to our 80% guarantee, we do not provide relationship guarantees.  

Q. I have a friend/family member interested in hiring an agency can I speak to you on their behalf? 

No I'm afraid not, one: this is a confidential personal service and two: that would not adhere to data-protection. We only communicate with the person we would be working for. The person in question must communicate with us.


Rhodes Harvey Introductions, an exclusive introductions agency formed in 2002, provides personal introductions and exclusive matchmaking services specifically aimed at accomplished London and Home County singles, seeking a life partner or marriage. Our service is not an off the peg service, but entirely bespoke. We are the UKs only private commissioned partner search service with a partner match guarantee to reach at least 80% of all criteria .