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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why Would I Engage a Matchmaker ? 

Engaging a matchmaker is a structured way of increasing real relationship opportunities to meet like minded people, who, like you are ready for a committed relationship, and not flaky daters. Matchmaker's also screen and vet introductions and ask questions on their relationship and dating history, discovering their relationship patterns, and what their longest relationship has been.

Q. Why Would I Engage Rhodes Harvey Introductions?

Because our service is truly 100% bespoke. We are not an off the peg service where clients become part of a data-base, we custom tailor a clients search solely to each clients requirements from onset to conclusion. Nothing is off the peg. We always include the clients ultimate relationship goal to two way match, we also include key elements, interests, lifestyle, personality/character and anything else vital to the client. If marriage is sought, we state marriage. This ensures we do not bring forward matches that do not match our clients requirements. 

Q.What Is the Difference Between You and a Dating Agency?

Dating agencies are for dating. Dating has a much less serious connotation, dating can range from, dating for fun, dating for casual sex, see how it goes, dating to get over a relationship to dating multiple people, so it has a wide remit. We don't market our service as a dating service, we state we're a traditional matchmaking service for the seriously relationship minded.

Q. How do you attract new clients?

Predominantly through word of mouth from previous successes, and on rare occasion we will place adverts in high-profile magazines, like many agencies do, but in the main, it's recommendation and through the search engines leading people to our website.

Q. Do You Accept Everyone Who Wants to Become a Client?

No, we only work with clients we feel we can do the most for, we will not accept a client just to take a fee. We are very careful not to mislead or use hard sell tactics, or accept clients that we know present with criteria that would be almost impossible to find in one person. We would rather lose or turn down a potential client to maintain the integrity our service.

Q. What Are the Benefits of a Private Search Service?

Simply; we are proactive opposed to reactive. We are not randomly plucking names from a database, or force fitting two people together to reach a pre-set number, which is really important to understand. You will meet people who are unique to you, not people who are being circulated over and over again through a data-base.

Q. How do you match your clients?

We match based on a clients criteria and the five core elements considered in relationship psychology to provide the most stable and compatible foundations for long term relationships. 

Q. Your Partner Match Guarantee, what is it? 

We are the only UK introductions agency to provide a partner match guarantee based on a clients partner criteria and relationship goal, opposed to dates. Our Partner Match™ guarantee includes, a similar socio-economic family background, education, core values, lifestyle and financial stability. we guarantee to reach at least 80% of all criteria, ensuring clients receive the most compatible matches. 


Q. I've Met Someone I Want to Explore a Relationship With?

Great, hopefully through us, but if not, no problem just put your search on hold whilst you explore further, but do keep us posted every 3-4 weeks so we know if you want us to re-start your search. 

Q. How do you fees compare to similar services?

Our fees compare extremely well. Berkeley International FROM:£12,000 County Register FROM:£10,000, Seventy Thirty: £18,000 to £58,000. Sara Eden's Top level "founder membership" FROM £25,000. Our Bespoke Match FIXED fee service starts at £7,000 and our FLEXIBLE pay as you go option starts at £4000 with on going monthly payments thereafter, so you can dip in and out as you please over a period of up to 9 months.

Q.Do You Ever Accept People who just want to Date?

No we don't, we really are a traditional matchmaking service, which does not mean our methods are outdated, to the contrary they are progressive and pro-active, but we concentrate on people who have arrived at the stage of knowing what they want, and do not want to compromise their romantic goals by endless dates over extended periods. Clients engaging us, have passed that stage and only want to meet marriage minded people, or people seeking a life-partner. Internet dating and dating services are great for people in-between relationships who want something less serious, but this is not us

Q.Do You Accept Divorced or Widowed People? 

Yes, if divorced or widowed, we prefer for people to be divorced or widowed for at least 12 months to ensure most of the emotional aspects have been worked through. However, we will always take into account individual situations, so please chat with us.

Q.Will I Definitely Find a Life Partner?

We would love to say yes, but with all the will in the world, finding a life partner is down to many complex factors, and not just down to an agency. People are emotional complex beings, so regardless of how expert a matchmaker may be, ultimately, even with everything on paper matching, old fashioned chemistry will play a major role, and this no one can determine. But we can increase your partner opportunities with more attuned people. 

Q. How do I get started?

Our process page takes you through all the relevant steps and options, but the simplest way to get started is to use our online contact form or schedule a chat  at a time to suit you, there is absolutely no obligation or cold hard sell, it's just an informal initial chat.


For any questions you have, please contact Jill here:

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