This has been an extremely anxious time for everyone, as all of us will have been touched by this Pandemic in one way or another. The importance of social distancing and adhering to all the guidance from the government has and still is paramount, in our fight against this ghastly disease, but, the pressure placed upon families, loved ones and close friends having to remain apart, has only exacerbated the affect of Coronavirus, not only on our physical health, but also our mental and emotional one.

For weeks Rhodes Harvey Introductions has been considering ways in which to continue in this new social distancing world we all find ourselves in, however, with the restrictions on venues currently, the need for being two metres apart, to protect ourselves, loved ones, friends, and the wider community, it is simply not possible to function as the service was designed for.  Therefore I'm sure It will come as no surprise that as a matchmaking service, with the aim to" bring people together" the service is temporarily on hold. My main goal is the health and safety of my clients, or anyone I should potentially introduce them to, so I believe I have a pivotal role to play in ensuring my clients are provided with the utmost protection. I remain very much available virtually, either by  email, phone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Skype.  I am not meeting people face to face, but potential clients who may be interested in the service I am still offering phone or Skype consultations. 



To virtual date or not to virtual date, that is the question, and a question I have pondered for several weeks. It appears introduction agencies and the matchmaking industry are moving towards dating apps and the use of Zoom or Skype for their clients, to ensure they can still operate as a business. These are large companies, that I suspect without adapting or looking for new ways to operate, many could potentially go out of business, but personal matchmaking is so much more than just providing dates, it revolves around a personal and intimate relationship with your matchmaker, and meeting potential partners face to face, not virtually!  

Despite many agencies choosing this route, I will not be following suit, this is not something that clients that engage my service would warm to. The matchmaking industry needs to be careful in their effort to protect their business they do not lose track of why people hire a personal matchmaker in the first place. Clients choosing a more exclusive, discrete and private path, are doing so, either because they have tried dating apps or online dating, and discovered it to be a roller-coaster of casual daters, people not being who they portray to be, to having a high-profile professional status or a high profile family background, where their requirements demand  a far more discrete and confidential route.

FACT: people who choose a personal matchmaker do so, because it's personal and not virtual. They want to to meet securely vetted like minded people, who prefer not to have their details or photos available to anyone through an app, but a more secure and select process. 




I AM PROVIDING A REGISTER OF INTEREST: where anyone who may be interested in a private search that is completely custom tailored, to match lifestyle, interests, hopes and relationship goal, can complete a form and have a profile created to be kept on file for a future time they may wish to engage the service.

  1. The register is simply for people who are considering a matchmaking service, without having to commit 100%, giving them time to look at other services, and if they should decide to go ahead in the future the initial stages will have been covered. Your details remain private and are not shared with any third parties.  

  2. There is absolutely NO obligation to proceed beyond the free registration. 

  3. Those who do proceed with commissioning a private partner search will be offered a 2.5% discount off their chosen level of service. This discount will remain active for the foreseeable future.

CURRENT BESPOKE MATCH PRIVATE CLIENTS: Your service period will be extended to take into account the months that introductions have not been possible and will resume with searches once this is possible. 

BECOME A MATCH PARTICIPANTS: will also be afforded an extension to their passive member status. I will update everyone again over the next month or so, when I sincerely hope we will be moving in a more positive direction. If however, during this time, you decide you would like a private search I am available by phone or Skype. 


Jill Rhodes Harvey


If you have any questions, please get in touch we're here to help.  Jill aims to reply within 24 hours. Thank you.

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