We spend time getting to know you with a non-corporate approach. Jill uses her skills, not forms to observe, asks questions, but mostly listens to ensure she translates your hopes into something tangible. Jill always includes your relationship goal to two-way match you with those who have the same relationship goal.


We take key elements from your partner criteria and create meaningful descriptors to attract like minded people, we'll include interests, lifestyle, personality, travel to hopes for the future and your  relationship goal. Resulting in bringing forward potential partners that mirror you, your lifestyle and relationship goal. Especially important: if marriage is your end-goal, we state that marriage in your search as this ensures only those who share this aim respond.


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Whatever your age or relationship goal, we'll introduce you to like minded, lifestyle equals..


The Process Step by Step

Step 1 Phone Consultation

All potential clients are encouraged to take up the initial free 45 minute phone consultation so a potential client can gain a better understanding of the service, to discuss relationship goals and expectations. Jill will also discuss with you as to what she feels can be achieved, if there are any areas she feels might affect your search. Jill is always honest and direct and gives realistic guidance, these consultations are NOT sales based, they are to assess and understand your lifestyle, family background, dating and relationship history to future relationship goals. 

Step 2 Face to Face Consultation

All clients and their introductions have to have a face to face to face meeting with Jill Rhodes Harvey, whether that is via Skype currently due to the Pandemic or in person at a later date. Clients are not accepted without either a Skype video meeting or face to face meeting, introductions for clients also have to go through the same process. 

Meetings: are informal, no corporate approach, nor forms to fill in, but a relaxed, informal chat to learn about you in the most natural way. This provides the opportunity for you to decide if a private search service is for you, and for Jill to  explain if she feels your criteria, must haves and deal breakers would present any issues along the way. For potential clients: At the end of the meeting Jill will ask if you would like a "brief summary " of your meeting by email. This provides you with the opportunity to decide if Jill has observed and understood you as a person and what you're looking for and any advice and guidance she feels might help you in your partner search. You are under NO obligation to go ahead, but you are asked to give a definitive answer within 2- 5 days. Fee for a meeting via Skype is £50 in person £75 payable in advance of the meeting.

Step 3 Becoming a Client

Once we've met ( currently this can take place over Skype) and we've discussed your relationship goals and partner criteria, and you're happy to proceed after receiving a "meeting summary" covering your partner search criteria, how Jill sees you, to any guidance Jill feels is vital to your search. This allows you space to decide if you feel Jill has understood you and your goals. If you want to go ahead, all you need to do is confirm within 5 days by email you wish to go ahead. You will then be requested to provide photo identification, 2-3 utility bills showing the name and address you've provided to engage us. All reputable introduction agencies require this. We also insist every clients introduction produces exactly the same. 

Step 4 Profile Design

Jill personally designs all clients profiles so they are unique to each client and are not designed until photos have been provided. This enables Jill to design your profile to compliment your style, clothes and colors chosen. If you have a high profile position and prefer not to have photos in your profile, please inform Jill at the time of your pre-service meeting as Jill will discuss this with you in more detail and advise you accordingly. You will also be given the opportunity to write " In your own words" about yourself, so those reading your profile will get a better understanding of you, along with Jill's professional description of you, this gives a more rounded perspective. Your personal details; surname, address, phone numbers are never included in a profile, these are held in the strictest of confidence.

Step 5 Your Private Search

Is completely custom tailored and designed around the criteria we have discussed and agreed upon. Typically it takes approximately 15 days to get everything in motion. Remember; this is NOT an off the peg service, your introductions are brought forward for you and you only, so initial work needs to be carried out to pool people matching your criteria. All introductions selected by Jill, will be met, vetted and interviewed and only put forward IF they meet at least 80% of the agreed criteria for your search.

Step 6 Secure Vetting

We take vetting and security very seriously, not only for each and every person, client or potential introduction, but for our service too, as we only work with genuinely single, relationship focused people. Our vetting process is thorough and stringent which includes single status background checks, ID verification, proof of divorce if divorced and we also cover past dating and relationship history, so if any relationship instability surfaces we can be sensitive with our questioning, but we always cover past relationship history so we can make informed choices, so if someone has never lived with anyone, or they have not dated for a while due to career demands, we can match appropriately and be honest with our clients.  

Step 7 Communication and Feedback

Jill always keeps clients up to date with the progress of their search, and never leaves clients wondering what is happening, this is vital in creating a good working relationship. It is also important that clients provide written feedback initially after an introduction as this provides a hard copy for both parties to keep and work from. 


We Replace Chance with Opportunity

When you're ready for a committed relationship, it's not about finding dates, but meeting the right people at the right time, and sometimes what might feel impossible....we make possible. 


Rhodes Harvey Introductions, an exclusive introductions agency formed in 2002, provides personal introductions and exclusive matchmaking services specifically aimed at accomplished London and Home County singles, seeking a life partner or marriage. Our service is not an off the peg service, but entirely bespoke. We are the UKs only private commissioned partner search service with a partner match guarantee to reach at least 80% of all criteria .