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Welcome to Rhodes Harvey Introductions. An exclusive introduction agency. 

Formed in 2002, we provide the UK's only private commissioned partner search for discerning individuals over 40 seeking a life partner or marriage. 

Meeting genuine relationship minded singles is never easy, but meeting lifestyle equals with the same relationship goal, is even more of a challenge. In today's modern world of dating apps, online dating, seeking a loving committed relationship, can be quite an emotional rollercoaster, regardless of how attractive or successful you are. Especially true as we move through our 40's, 50's and beyond. The ultimate goal for most people, is to share their life with one person. Yet, with all the options at our fingertips, many of us are just not meeting the right people. If this resonates, you are not alone, but a dedicated matchmaking service, one that is relationship and result driven can eliminate almost all of the hurdles. 

Established since 2002, we attract a niche clientele of educated, selective and refined individuals who seek more than just another date finding service, but a service, that provides meaningful introductions with real relationship potential. The majority of our clients come from personal recommendation and not from advertising, which hopefully is testament to our approach. As the UK's only private search service we offer a targeted and discreet process. 

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Relationship Goals

Why do you want to meet someone, be honest with yourself and them. If you you're not looking for a serious relationship, that is fine, as dating people without a relationship goal won't matter, but if you are seeking commitment, it will matter hugely. Looking for commitment, you must remove the time wasters. Only date those with the same relationship goal, ask questions, be bold, if this puts them off, great, as this can be the difference between a rollercoaster of heartache and those who share your goals. 

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Finding a Life Partner

Not finding dates or attracting the opposite sex is rarely the reason people are not in a committed relationship, but dating people without knowing if they're casual daters, a frequent issue with apps and internet dating. People date for all kinds of reasons, and a committed relationship is not number one on the list. Dating is less committal and fluid, it has various meanings which are mostly casual, but wanting to find a life or marriage partner has only one meaning. Don't date indiscriminately.


Who Chooses a Private Search

Individuals requiring a high level of anonymity, whether due to a high-profile family background, a high-profile career, or you simply prefer a more sophisticated path. A private search is confidential, discreet and an intimate process . And if you avoid anything mainstream, then a private commissioned search is as far from the mainstream as you'll ever find!

Entirely Custom Tailored

Our service is bespoke from onset to conclusion, nothing is off the peg. Every client has their own unique history, experiences and relationship goals. As such; every client has a partner search designed solely around their own partner criteria and relationship goal, so every client receives the most personalized and compatible matches, who mirror their relationship goal.   

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Partner Match Guarantee

Confident in our matching we are the only agency that offers a partner match guarantee to reach at least 80% of all criteria, including the 5 core elements considered in relationship psychology to provide the most compatible foundations for long term relationships. A similar socio-economic background, education level, core values, financial lifestyle,  and  the same relationship goal.


 One of Our Success Stories

‘‘Dear Jill; we have been together for seven months now, and as we move forward, it seems we have more and more in common; yet with enough differences for the relationship to be exciting and spontaneous. It is clear that you did an excellent job, therefore very happy for you to display my testimonial. Thank you. ’’

Phillip C~Surrey January 2020                                 Other Success Stories


How Our Service Works

Relationship focused Matchmaking

As a private commissioned search, our approach to finding potential partners is completely different to the myriad of membership dating services. First; we are not a date finding service, two; we take a far more targeted and structured approach, and three; we focus solely on two-way matching to produce matches with real relationship potential, opposed to just dates to meet a blanket number goal. 

We only work with a limited number of clients at any one time, for us, it's not about taking as many clients as possible, but providing an exceptional personal service with one-to-one individual attention, where every client works only with Jill Rhodes Harvey, the owner.

A commissioned private search requires a different approach and work level to a membership service, as we are working from a blank canvas, where every last detail is unique to you, and you only. 

Marriage is not Taboo

Traditional Matchmaking Service

We are a traditional matchmaking service for those who are ready to meet like minded people, who prefer a more select and discreet path, where commitment, serious relationships or marriage are not taboo subjects. A service where some old-fashioned romance is encouraged, as more and more with dating aps, this have become somewhat scarce.

With many dating agencies advising their clients against mentioning the
M word, it's clear, an unwise choice especially if marriage is what you ultimately want. It's wise to select a service that matches your goal. We only match our clients with those with the same relationship goal, so there are no issues for our clients.

We provide specific search periods, and unlike dating services, that concentrate on dates and pre-set numbers, we concentrate on guaranteeing partner criteria and relationship goal of our clients.  

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Bespoke Match Service

We act as a constant guiding hand, go-between and do all the work for our clients. Unlike most introduction agencies we actually make the introduction between matches and our clients. We don't expect clients to cold call their introductions, arrange dates  or venues. We believe the entire experience should be fuss free so clients can relax and enjoy a truly personal matchmaking experience 

After eighteen years we have built an exclusive matchmaking platform that works. 

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Bespoke Match Fees

We offer both flexible and fixed fee options for our Bespoke Match private commissioned search. This enables clients to choose the most suitable level and number of searches they would like. Jill will always take the time to guide and advise, but ultimately the decision is yours as to which combination and level you choose.

Bespoke Match (One-Off Fixed Fee) Three levels, Classic, Premier and Prestige from £6000, each level provides a different number of private searches (5,7or10) Flexible payment options are available by arrangement. 



Create the Opportunities to Shorten your Search

It's never easy taking those first steps, especially with something so personal as sharing your relationships hope for the future, so please browse through our website, see how we work and what clients say, and hopefully that will instil further confidence to get in touch. If you have any questions,  please contact me. 


Rhodes Harvey Introductions, an exclusive introductions agency formed in 2002, provides personal introductions and exclusive matchmaking services specifically aimed at accomplished London and Home County singles, seeking a life partner or marriage. Our service is not an off the peg service, but entirely bespoke. We are the UKs only private commissioned partner search service with a partner match guarantee to reach at least 80% of all criteria .