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Personal Matchmaking Service

Rhodes Harvey Introductions is an exclusive introduction agency providing a personal matchmaking service for discerning men and women over 50 seeking a life partner or marriage.​​​

As the UKs only private commissioned partner search service, we offer a real alternative to those seeking a more proactive, targeted and exclusive process.
Our matchmaking services are entirely bespoke, from onset to conclusion, custom tailored, designed around each individual clients partner criteria, lifestyle and most importantly, relationship goal, which is key for success.

Since 2002 we have built a solid reputation as a specialist introduction agency, through personal recommendation, attracting a niche clientele of refined and educated individuals requiring a discreet, private and personal matchmaking service.  


Meet lifestyle equals with the same relationship goal...

Why Clients Choose us..

Our service is private, discreet, secure and well established. Catering specifically to individuals who may stem from a high profile family background, a high profile professional position or someone who just prefers a less mainstream matchmaking service where privacy, discretion a more exclusive process is paramount.  

How We Work 

We are the only matchmaking service that is solely owner operated as a given standard. Jill Rhodes Harvey the owner works with every client personally, where personal means personal.

Jill Rhodes Harvey handles all aspects of a clients search from beginning to end providing clients with the continuity and level of attention a bespoke service demands. 

Jill uses her skills, training and expertise to learn about clients in a natural way, enabling clients to relax and express themselves in an authentic and spontaneous way.


Whatever your age, or relationship goal...

We match you with lifestyle  equals who seek a loving and committed relationship.

A relationship focused service, where marriage is not taboo....

When you're ready for a serious relationship, it's vital you only meet those with the same mind set, who, like you, know what they want from a relationship.

Our introduction agency has always been a relationship focused service, attracting commitment minded individuals where going from date to date has lost it's appeal, and the world of dating apps leave them cold.

Clients engaging our matchmaking services service are not looking for a production line of dates, but introductions with people that present real relationship potential. 
So unlike many dating and introduction agencies, marriage is not a taboo for us, nor for our clients, if marriage is what they seek.


Psychology based two way matching...

We provide introductions with real relationship potential by two-way matching, employing the "five core elements" considered in relationship psychology to provide the most compatible matches long-term. To include; a similar socio-economic family background, core values, educational level, financial stability and the same relationship goal..


Our unique Partner Match guarantee..

We are proudly the only UK introduction agency to provide a partner match guarantee based on a clients partner criteria and relationship goal.

Our Partner Match™ guarantee includes, a similar socio-economic family background, education level, core values, financial stability and the same relationship goal which we vet before matching. We guarantee to reach at least 80% of all criteria, ensuring clients receive the most compatible matches. 


Our Bespoke Match Private Search..

As a private commissioned search, our approach to finding potential partners is completely different to the plethora of existing membership services.

First; we are not a date finding or off the peg service, two; we take a far more targeted and structured approach, and three; we focus solely on two-way matching to produce matches that have real potential, opposed to dates to meet a blanket pre-set number goal.

We only work with a limited number of clients at any one time, for us, it's not about taking as many clients as possible, but providing an exceptional personal service with one-to-one individual attention and quality introductions.

Dip.Couns, EQ-Dip, IAC 2013


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Personal Matchmaking Service, Bespoke and Personal Matchmaking Services, Private Commissioned Partner Search Matchmaking Agency formed in 2002 for a niche clientele of high-calibre, discerning individuals over 50 seeking bespoke and confidential matchmaking service.

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