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Rhodes Harvey Introductions formed in 2002 is an exclusive introductions agency providing a private and bespoke matchmaking service. Aimed specifically at a niche clientele of discerning and refined individuals over 40 in pursuit of a life partner or marriage.

We offer the UKs only private commissioned partner search service, for those who seek a private, discreet matchmaking service that takes a pro-active and targeted approach. We are entirely relationship focused, catering to men and women who require more than just another date finding service.   

Since 2002 we have built a solid reputation through personal recommendation, where every client works with Jill Rhodes Harvey the owner. If you seek a well established introductions agency with step by step guidance, an exceptional bespoke experience then Rhodes Harvey Introductions may be the service for you.. 


Entirely Bespoke

Our service is entirely bespoke from onset to conclusion, as such, we are the UK's only private commissioned search service, offering exclusive introductions based on each clients partner criteria and relationship goal.

Private & Discreet

Our service is specifically aimed at individuals who have a high profile career, stem from a high profile family background or those who prefer a more exclsuive, private and discreet service. 

Who We Attract 

Since 2002 we have attracted a myriad of successful, financially stable individuals from a wide spectrum of traditional professions, including barristers, investment bankers, QCs, CEOs, to the world of media and journalism, to highly successful business people and entrepreneurs, philanthropists and aristocracy. All, with one common thread, they want to meet a lifestyle equal who ultimately shares the same relationship goal. 

Why Clients Choose us..

We are the only matchmaking service where the owner works with every client personally as a given standard, where personal means personal, where one to one attention and personal responsibility of a clients search is entirely managed by Jill Rhodes Harvey, the owner. Jill uses her skills, training and expertise to learn about clients in a natural way, enabling clients to relax and express themselves in an authentic and spontaneous way.


Whatever Your Age

We provide introductions with real relationship potential by two-way matching. We employ the "five core elements" considered in relationship psychology to provide the most compatible matches long-term.

Or Relationship Goal

For most of us, the ultimate goal is a loving committed relationship, a life-partner, marriage or for some in their golden years a life-long companion, whatever your relationship goal we'll match you accordingly.

A Relationship Focused Service, Where Marriage is not Taboo....

If you're ready for a serious relationship, you have no doubt outgrown the going from date to date on a romantic marathon in an effort to meet someone on the same page. So unlike many London dating agencies, marriage is not a taboo subject for us, we are strictly an introduction agency for those who are ready for a committed relationship, where going from date to date has lost it's appeal, and the world of dating apps leave them cold. We're an exclusive matchmaking service with a penchant for old fashioned romance, where a more private and discreet path to meet lifestyle equals, is created with passion and care. 

If any of this resonates with you why not learn a little more about about us, who we attract as clients, why people choose us, and our approach to finding life partners which has led to nineteen years of successful matchmaking...


The Unique Advantage of a Private Search..

As a private commissioned search, our approach to finding potential partners is completely different to the myriad of membership services. First; we are not a date finding or off the peg service, two; we take a far more targeted and structured approach, and three; we focus solely on two-way matching to produce matches that have real potential, opposed to dates to meet a blanket pre-set number goal.

We only work with a limited number of clients at any one time, for us, it's not about taking as many clients as possible, but providing an exceptional personal service with one-to-one individual attention, where every client works only with Jill Rhodes Harvey, the owner. Investment from: £6,000 fixed fees and flexible options

Dip.Couns, EQ-Dip, IAC 2013


Rhodes Harvey Introductions 

An exclusive Introduction and Matchmaking agency formed in 2002 providing the UKs only private commissioned search. Aimed at individuals over 40 requiring an entirely bespoke and confidential matchmaking service.

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